When it comes to gaming, there is, most likely, no secret operation or battle from World War II that was not recreated. There are many WWII games that stick to history and records but there are many others that take liberties and adjust in order to fit a specific storyline. There are WWII games that have aliens, zombies and basically so much variety that potential never seems to disappear.

While there is surely a lot of debate surrounding a list like this, nobody can argue with the fact that the following are really good World War II FPS games that people should try in order to find their favorites.

Call Of Duty

Call of Duty has a great storyline, an authentic WWII experience, good sound and excellent graphics. Although it is shorter than the other games and you have to play campaigns in a specific order, many see Call Of Duty as the best ever World War II game. We are talking about the original though. Even if there were other games launched in the series, the original 2003 COD is the standard. It is no longer relevant in terms of graphics but the storyline and gameplay are still wonderful.

Medal OfHonor: Allied Assault

If you take a loon on this website, you notice Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault picked by fans as the second best Medal Of Honor game but when it comes to WWII games as a whole, we need to put this one higher since it was the first one available on PC and offers much more entertainment through the 2 extra expansions launched. Medal OfHonor: Allied Assault did change the industry and EA tried to capitalize on it by launching many other games in the franchise, some better than others.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

This is an old game, launched in 2001, a remake of a game that originally appeared in the early nineties. It is tough for beginners but the storyline is thrilling and the team based multiplayer system is really good. You take control of B.J. Blazkowicz as you try to escape capture and you discover horrors that were developed by the Paranormal Division of the German SS. Graphics are dated according to modern standards but everything else is great.

Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30

Ubisoft’s game, released in 2005, offers really good squad command mechanics, an intelligent AI and is based on real World War II battles. While you cannot skip the cut scenes and the game is quite hard when compared to most other FPS games, with tough aiming, it is something you want to try. The tactical shooter covers the Normandy Invasion with characters and squad being real-life heroes history showed us thought for the 101st Airborne Division during the battle. You just control a paratrooper but you need the help of the squad.

Battlefield: 1942

Last but not least, Battlefield: 1942 is highly strategic, with an intelligent AI and a very good multiplayer mode. You need a really good internet connection to play it and there are some occasional sound glitches but this is a game that proved it can be successful even if it is just aimed for multiplayer gameplay.