Csgo prime accounts have a wonderful rating system based on the performance of players in this game. People who are proficient in similar skills group together in a certain level. This provides an opportunity for the player to play in the same skill field.The below mentioned questions are common and most of the beginners want to know about it.

How to find out which skill group I belong?

After playing some placement matches and winning at least 10 competitive matches, you can check your skill group mentioned in the main menu. Generally, the skill group of players is displayed in the menu, but you can also see it in match scoreboards.

What is profile rank?

Profile ranks are different from competitive rankings. They are based on XPs you earn in the game. After you achieve the profile rank of two, you will be able to take part in competitive matches by entering into competitive mode.

I got stuck in profile ranks

Many people want to go into competitive modes, but they are stuck in profile ranks. You do not have to worry about it because you cannot earn something big overnight. As they say, Rome was not built in a day. You need a bit of practice, understanding of the game and patience. Do not feel dejected always think of positive side. The more you are in profile ranks, the more you will understand the game. You are only at a distance of a few matches from your desired competitive mode.

How my skill is predicted?

When you are a beginner in this game, CSGO is unable to understand your skill. This is the reason why you are allowed to play two matches every day. This will allow the CSGO system to understand more about your game play and skills. When you cross 10 matches, the system will be able to reach on a conclusion about your skills and ability to play this game. On that basis, the system will put you in a specific skill group.

How to get a service medal

You will get a service medal after achieving private rank 40. In order to achieve private rank 40, you have to play and earn experience points. You need to play on valve official servers. You can play this game in any game mode, but if you are planning to earn experience points, then it is recommended to go for competitive matchmaking. You will need 5000 experience points for ranking in Csgo prime accounts.