If you’re a gamer who’s into frequent live streaming, you’ve probably already heard of Twitch. It may even be your preferred broadcasting software. But if it is, are you using it to its full potential?

One of the best add-ons you can use to enhance your live streaming are Twitch alerts. They are real-time notifications that can significantly improve user experience and help you better engage your viewers so that you can consistently grow your stream.

They can help you improve your influencer marketing efforts, so read on to find out how.

Providing Effective Incentives to Viewers

Twitch alerts enable you to display various alerts on your stream, such as follow alerts, subscription alerts, donation alerts, bit alerts, and hosting alerts.

Not only do they help you streamline your live stream, providing you with an insight into its performance and making it easier to track all the people who donate and engage in your stream, but they also incentivize your viewers to follow or subscribe to your stream, as well as make donations to support you.

This is because your viewers can also see all the alerts on their screens. It makes them want to join the club, even if it’s only to see their names scrolling across the screen. But the more people follow you, subscribe, and donate, the more likely you’ll be to influence them.

Keeping Your Viewers Engaged and Entertained

The key to engaging your viewers is to communicate with them, be very responsive, and essentially have fun and be friendly. A chat box displayed on your stream helps you accomplish that and build meaningful relationships with your viewers.

However, live streaming comes with a time lag that can make conversations a bit confusing. Twitch alerts can help you solve this message-delay problem, as its Chat Box feature allows you to display your chat on the screen in real time, significantly improving your engagement with your viewers.

The chat your viewers see on their screens will finally match what you’re saying, that is, they’ll see exactly what you see, so your conversations will become much more user-friendly and natural. That will keep your viewers engaged and entertained, and your stream more appealing.

Are you already using Twitch alerts? If yes, what’s your experience with them? If you still haven’t gotten around to harnessing their power, be sure to do so right now, as they’ll help you greatly improve your live stream and take your influencer marketing to the next level.