The main reason why the best players are contacting elo boosting services is to get paid for playing League of Legends, which is an understandable ambition. New boosters often get an opportunity to join a serious eloboosting service in the beginning of every seasons in League of Legends. Most of them are boosting on their free time in the beginning, when someone randomly add them on the lol client and when they start to see how it works, they send an application to websites that can hire them. Here is what a good player would need to check for each website.

Your rank must be high enough

People who are still Platinum or less have to step up before trying lol boosting, because their winrate can’t be very high which means the boosts are not going to be completed fast. They could maybe boost silver players, nor those who are higher than Gold 1. They have to be flexible (being able to play lots of champions) available (especially to play duos) and polite towards everyone. Every region are not equals and it’s known that Europe west players are better than Europe Nordic-East players. So having a high ranked account in Europe West can represent an advantage.

Are they even looking for boosters in your server?

European services are usually full but if you play in North America or in Brasil, then they maybe look for someone like you. Remember that they are receiving a lot of applications each week so you have to bring something new, a strength that you think the others don’t have to have a chance to join their team. No worries, some boosters can be inactive or not working well, so the services are often adding new members to reinforce.

Your ranking doesn’t represent everything

There is not many players who are entitled for lol boosting and it’s often complicated for untrained players to become an effective elobooster. An excellent player can still have some troubles in finishing some boosts, especially in duo or if he doesn’t play the champions who has the biggest impact to win games. As long as the booster has a respectful behaviour with the customers, there shouldn’t be any issue. Like in any other working environment, boosting demand to be collaborative and attentive to customer needs.

Once the players have shown in LoL that they have an incredible rank, they still to demonstrate they can adapt to this environment. Companies would most likely prefer someone who doesn’t win every game, but is communicating well with them than someone who doesn’t care since he thinks he is better than all the boosters.

Now you see, you to need to hurry. Having all the requirements and using them smartly is what will make the difference between you and any other player who want to boost. And even if you manage to join a service, it’s not won ye beause if you don’t respect their rules you can be replaced anytime due to the fact they always have new applications to check. So they won’t keep your post if you don’t show any motivation.