A lot of people that bet on sports and also like playing League of Legends consider betting on LOL games as well. However, betting on these kinds of video games is not as easy as betting on a football game. Still, if you love the game, you probably already have lots of knowledge about it, you just need to use it properly. It’s not only knowledge about the game itself but also what to look out for when deciding which game to bet on.

Types of betting in League of Legends

As is the case with other sports you can bet on, League of Legends also includes many different types of bets. For example, you can try and rate teams and which one will be the best, which team will be the winner of a tournament, who will win a certain match, who will take first blood and so on.

There are many betting sites where you can do this but also sites which give LOL predictions and tips that might help you win money more easily.

Should you go with your gut or betting tips?

Using your gut when making a bet is a legit move. For example, if a certain team has been dubbed a favorite and given great odds, but you know that team and how they play, and they don’t look in good form to you, try your luck and bet against them. You can never know an outcome for sure, so you will need to rely on your gut as well.

Follow the game

To be good at betting on LOL games, you need to follow the game and play it. By playing the game, you will keep track of updates, new champions, and changes made to the game. This knowledge and the knowledge about teams can help you make predictions and learn which teams will be better with new metas that appear.

Gaming now is a legitimate career path that gamers can take now. In the past when the industry was first growing there was not much money funded into the gaming tournament world so a career in it was not as lucrative as it is now. With time these tournaments will get a lot bigger and a lot more competitive in terms of growing a career in it.

Betting on League of Legends has become a popular thing and if you are a fan or a play, you should try it out.