Fortnite is one of the most popular games at the moment. It has gained a lot of success a couple of years ago and, since then, a lot of gamers have been playing it. Apart from having millions of players worldwide, the game has been endorsed by many celebrities as they play it as well. Here are some interesting facts about Fortnite you probably didn’t know.

1.    Fortnite copied PUBG

There is an ongoing feud between the fans of these two games but facts are facts. PUBG was the first game of its kind with this kind of concept. However, even though PUBG was first, Fortnite had more success due to the Battle Royale mode that they implemented which is actually a copy of PUBG’s gameplay.

2.    It had a different original design

One of the leading design directors in charge of the creation of Fortnite, Cliff Bleszinski, revealed in an interview that the original designs were much different than what the game looks like now. The original idea for the game was to make it dark and creepy.

However, at one point, they decided to switch the style of design to a cartoonish look as it will be more appealing to younger players and not exhaust players during gameplay.

3.    The game went through many changes

Since Fortnite was released, it has gone through many changes and not just with the introduction of the Battle Royale mode. The developers felt that they need to improve and evolve the game so that players stay excited and engaged.

Gameplay was improved drastically by adding more complex actions and tasks, mechanics were changed and multiple other modes were added. Additionally, ever since the game was released, animations, as well as graphics, have been improving.

4.    The game exploded as soon as it was released

Fortnite was released in 2017. During the first month of the game’s release, the company announced that the number of sold digital copies exceeded a total of half a million. Just after two months, the game had over 1 million players.

With the introduction of Fortnite tournaments, marketing, and the constant growth of players, the total number of players in the summer of 2018 exceeded 125 million which made it one of the most popular games today. Especially with streaming services being so popular by companies such as Visuals By Impulse, the game will only continue to grow!

Did you know that Fortnite also has a mobile version? If you have some interesting facts to share about Fortnite, feel free to do so.